Sellers looking to SHORT SALE do so generally because of a hardship. This does not mean you have to be down to your last nickel, it simply means you can no longer afford the property.

Under normal market conditions most home owners will sell their home paying off the mortgage balance and usually making a profit. 

Home values have declined over the last few years due to economic decline and job losses. Many Sellers have lost equity in their homes and now owe more  than the home is actually worth. Because of this they are unable to sell the home for enough to pay off the outstanding mortgage balance. We refer to these Sellers as being upside down or under water.

The term SHORT SALE means you are selling your home for less then you owe. In order to successfully complete a SHORT SALE the lender must agree to the sale and be willing to accept less than the outstanding balance owed. 
As CERTIFIED DISTRESSED PROPERTY EXPERTS, more commonly known as  CDPE’s, we have earned this designation through Education & Experience. We are able to help Sellers & Buyers through the SHORT SALE process because we have a DEDICATED TEAM that focuses solely on bank negotiations.

We will guide you through the selling or buying of a home and the lender negotiation process, taking the time to make sure you understand every step of the transaction. I am absolutely COMMITED to fulfilling your needs with the highest level of professionalism, expertise and service.Our commitment to your satisfaction is the foundation from which asolid business relationship is built.